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I am here to feel loose enough to create what I want to create, and to be free to try anything. To explore the inner and outer world.


I have many passions


Quantum Physics

Non-verbal Communication

Art and Culture


Human Biology


I believe 
we need to protect our forests


Secure Forest

Saving and preserving forests. All while enabling local communities to thrive.


I believe 
in healthy and passionate humans


scop atins

Mentors and challenges to smartly managing your emotions and stress.


My Founder Experience
has been about learning by doing, falling over, picking myself up, and starting again. 

Education Non-profit

Sustainable Fashion Brand

Soft Skills Academy

Communication Agency


My Story
is about questioning all that man has accepted as valuable or necessary.

Lived in 4 European countries 

Lived out of a suitcase exploring Europe, USA, South-East Asia 

Stopped my bachelor in Arts and Culture after the first year

Attended maaaany tech conferences and interacted with the robotics, artificial intelligence, and IOT advancements  



How many years of professional experience do you have? 

7 years

How old are you? 

23 years old


How can I help?

me speaking_edited.jpg

Passionate about building companies with purpose.


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